What I thought about the articles

-The Score-
its a strange idea to think of a hospital as a business, rather counter intuitive, but this article does seem to show reliability is better than perfection. While reading i couldnt keep from imagining a table of judges in the corner of the room holding score cards of what they think of the babies opening act into existence.

yeah i though this article was a very interesting one and really enjoyed the surrealistic tone the article was provided in. the idea about running the hospital like a business was a good idea!!! surprised that it took this long 4 an article like this to be written!

As a nursing student I found it AWESOME that the nurses were the ones checking the doctor when he was doing the interventions and made sure he/she was following the checklist correctly. I also enjoyed learning about the background of forceps and Cesarean Sections. along the lines of the first article I could understand why it took so long to incorporate checklists in the hospital setting because hospitals and especially the ICU are very fast paced and the checklists might seem like busy work.

I totally agree with Lauren on this one. I found it very empowering of nurses to be able to correct the doctors. Also I found our discussion very enlightening about what others know in the way of child birth and the child birth process. I think that this article really opened the eyes for many of the men in the classroom about what we have to go through in the whole process. =)

As a husband and father of 2 kids, I feel I can weigh in on the comments here. I take a little offense to what chelsea said about opening the guys' eyes. I don't feel anyone in the class knows what its like unless you have been apart of it yourself. You can be taught what happens and told that there is pain or that this happens and that does this. But no body can tell you what you will feel when the nursing staff rushes in to prep you for an emergency c-section. This is what happened with my wife when she was pregnant with our first. No body can prepare you for the rush of emotions that over come you. My wife had an abruption and baby was under stress. My wife and child were in danger and I potentially could have lost them both. No classes prepared us for that! Just saying.

-The Checklist-
the bomber example in the article really drove the article home for me. by the looks of it a checklist can be a valuable addition to any ICU. I think its important to remember that a checklist isn't anything more than a way of reminding the user about details they may have missed.

-Necrotizing Fasciitis article-
some of this article went over my head, i did how ever recognize some of the technique they used from genetics eg; PCR. im gonna be honest i googled what Necrotizing Fasciitis is… and its not pretty. so that was partially the reason i missed a lot of the finer points in the article. i kept imagining bacteria eating my face off… something i did like about the article was that the authors kept reminding the reader that none of their patients actually died.

Child obesity in low income

As this ties into the other obesity presentation i find it interesting that the government wants to make the country healthier place, but it is true that it does cost more for healthier foods. Also, shown in the last obesity article it was shown that in boys exercise is more important for staying healthy. As for girls there is a wide variety of factors that influence them because girls watch what they eat more than guys. So if boys exercise more this should reduce a lot of the obesity in children even though there will still be genetic factors that affect this. Overall, I still think that it is personal choices of the kids and the parents that are the cause of obesity because the parents don't want to admit that their kid(s) have a problem with obesity they will make excuses to make themselves and their kids feel better about themselves. You need the kids to have self esteem but need to recognize that they have a problem.

Andrew Gross

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