Views on Zombie Article

I was really confused by this article and how it exactly fit into this class. I understood that the author was trying to explain a hypothetical disease "zombism" with mathmetical models. One thing that I could not figure out was how these mathmetical models could be used to explain other diseases. What other types of outbreaks would be similar to zombism? I feel like we really did not come up with any examples of outbreaks that could relate to this mathematical model. I know we discussed AIDS, but does that example work? I think that this article was hard for me to understand because it was taken out of the context in which I normally think about things. If the article could have related to more diseases, then it would be easier to understand it in the context of the class.

The "disease" zombism didn't make a lot of sense to me either because once a disease kills you it can't bring you back to life able to infect another person. But once i thought about it a little more they use the hypothetical "disease" zombism because the "disease" does not disappear like some other diseases can. Other diseases can mutates and become resistant due to many factors making the disease always around and always changing making it hard to eradicate the disease. Same with zombism there is no way to get rid of it so it is always around able to infect people. Hopefully that helps explain it, I had the same question and this kinda helped me understand it a little better
Andrew Gross

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