So… I was reading an article for my Intro to Religion Class and ran across a mention of tuberculosis. So I thought I would share. This was in an article dealing with the use of common cups vs. individual cups in Communion. Anyways, it was mentioned that "The Metropolitan Life Insurance Company put out 20 million disposable drinking cups in American railroad cars in the crusade to stamp out tuberculosis." (Sack 32)

Jessica Boschen

So I never thought that edward cullen could be brought into a microbiology class and actually have relevance, but Robson did it! haha. It's funny that he has some of the symptoms of TB like pale appearance, sunken in face, and "blood in his mouth".
- Kassie Hein

Well, it is edward cullen..even though he has the symptoms of TB he is still extremely good looking!

-Nicole Van Heek

Here is an interesting article about TB that was made by the Nebraskan department of health!! yeah Nebraska.

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