Semmelweis Aug. 27

The article on Semmelweis was very interesting. Although when I was reading it I knew I had read/heard that story previously and recently. I then remembered that I had read it in Chapter 1 of our Epidemiology book!! I like how these two classes relate to each other. I found it extremely interesting that Semmelweis ended up being emitted to an asylum. It makes me wonder if in fact he was not deranged but due to the resistance from the obstetrical community it was a way of getting rid of him and shutting him up. This is also terrible of me to say, but I found it rather comical that he died of blood poisoning. It was just too ironic. It is strange to me that despite the outcome of implementing his policy there was resistance, especially since the death rate % altered so dramatically. You would think that with such a positive outcome there would be little if any resistance toward the new policy. I don't understand why his policies where hated so much. How hard is it to wash your hands?
~Brittany Frisch~

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