Revenge of the Microbes

This book is very interesting. It's not like any other book I have read before for a class.-Kat

I like how the students get to interact in class. -Kat

I like the articles that we get to read. They are very helpful. -Kat

I like how we got to practice lab techniques again. Now I feel more confident. -Kat

I thought lab was very interesting today. -Kat

I think sunday night would work best around 5 for review, because if people leave this weekend more people might come back later in the day. -Kat

I found it interesting how advanced some countries are with growing cultures of bacteria as a weapons against other countries.
I hope the test isn't to bad. -Kat

I like how the test was made to make you think instead of just memorizing vocabulary. -Kat

I really enjoyed watching the different bacteria divide over time. I just wish we could watch it on the wiki. -Kat

In the book "Revenge of the Microbes," (chapter 8) I had no idea that eating meat could paly a role in antibiotic resistance. -Kat

(amount of Ecoli in a colony) x (bacterial genome size)= # of mutant bps in a colony

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