Research Project: Stethoscope update

So far our stethoscope project, has been in my eyes, a success. We have only 12 stethoscopes that we printed, but we saw significant decreases of bacteria between the pre-cleaned stethoscope prints and the post-clean stethoscope prints.

Also, we have obtained, what we believe is S. aureus and are working to see if it is MRSA, we have to see our results on a DNase Agar print and test it against some rabbit plasma (Dr. Robson still has to explain this one to me). Also, we will conduct a Kirby-Bauer test to find what antibiotics the bacteria is resistant to. So hopefully we will have an answer to this question before we leave for break.

Finally, on a few of the stethoscopes we found spore-forming bacteria and did a water bath test to find out what type of bacteria it was.

More updates to come soon…

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