Research Article: Measles

"Health Consequences of Religious and Philosophical Exemptions from Immunization Laws"

- They looked at rates of measles occuring over all 50 states in kids who were and were not vaccinated for the disease.
- Point: Compared the reates of measles among vaccinated and non-vaccinated (exemtor) adolexcents.
- Mathematical model: Do exemptors pose an increased risk for non-exemptors attracting measles?

Key Methods:
- Cohort Retrospective Study: Reviewed State Health Records.
Cohort: Age-specific; Following an age group back in a time period. (not actually in real time)
Bottom Line Conclusions:
- Fig 29: 35 times higher in people who weren't vaccinated for measles compared with people who were vaccinated.
- There is a significant risk to non-exemptors from exemptors.
- If the number of exemptors increases 3x, and exemptors and non-exemptors mix evenly, then the number of measles cases among non-exemptors will slightly more than double.

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