Analogies that stick

This quote is the last statement of Ch 7 in Revenge of the Microbes. It makes a great analogy to society, so I wanted to share.
"Let's not forget that the worst bioterrorist in history, and by far the most successful, is Mother Nature. Against this terrorist, constant vigilance is the only defense. Forgetting is death." (7)

The following analogy was made by Dr. Robson during lab. It helped me put together the idea of antibiotic resistance.
If a hypothetical serial killer walked into the room and killed everyone not wearing teal. If you weren't wearing teal you were susceptible to the serial killer. So, the only people who survive are those wearing teal. Those few people that are left begin splitting themselves to repopulate the area. Now, all the offspring possess the resistant gene-teal. Hence, antibiotic resistance.

A bacterial flagellum is like a propeller on a motor.

Proton pump system works like a water wheel.

Jessica Boschen

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