Policy Paper
  • Must post policy papers to wiki by Oct 1.
  • If you coauthor paper with another person, both of you must be able to present together
  • Narrow down policy
  • Must cite using Scientific Journal articles (minimum of 5 sources)

Scientific Journal articles on micro webpage
Primary: original report of research
Secondary: argumentative synthesis of other's research. = peer reviewed: other experts in same field read over papers and find all errors. Author must address/change all issues.


  • Background: info on why your policy is needed. Use most of cited sources in this section
  • Policy: specifically spell out how your policy paper is going to be implemented and enforced

ex) cost of things, amount: funding.
Address enforcement. What happens to people who don't follow rules?

  • Conclusion: Sell your policy. Address two arguments someone might have and spell out why they are wrong.

Kassie Hein

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