obeisity presentation and discussion

I really enjoyed our class discussion on obesity last night, although we did get off topic and a little crazy sometimes. Personally, and I think most of you agree, that the roots of childhood obesity stretch farther than home and school. We came up with a ton of other topics that impacted obesity in different ways. I like how most of us understood that it is not as simple as flipping a switch to get rid of obesity in children. Personally I think the answer to solving this problem lies with the parents, getting those parents the help they need and the education to teach them what to feed and how to persuade physical activity is the obstacle that needs to be addressed. It is a hard problem to solve, unfortunately.
~Brittany Frisch~

I completely agree with Brittany. I think that for the most part people were close to the same ideas that childhood obesity is a big problem in our society and that it is a very deep lying problem that has many affecting factors and will be a hard problem to change. Many different ideas from the economy issues to parents to activity levels were brought up and I think it was an amazing discussion that made us all think deeper into the obesity spectrum.

Chelsea Swanson

I have 2 stances on this (still trying to decide which one to go with). The first won would be who cares about obesity. Its a personal choice on how to live life. If people want to woof down mcdonalds and lay on the couch all day, they will just have to live with the consequences of being fat. My other stance is that society should be set around health. This means that schools and colleges should not be making processed meat/greasy foods etc and set up a rigorous excersize class. Also, there should be a limit on how much fat can be in one serving on fast food items (for example 1/4 lb cheeseburgers can have up to 12 g of fat-not 40). If you limit the crappy food the only option is to buy healthy food. I know there is a lot of economical factors, but whatever. Also, some obesity cases may be genetic, but seriously one can lose weight if they eat right and excersize.

-CJ Gradoville

My beef with the whole obesity issue is why should it be the governments' or big businessess' job to control and help eliminate obesity? Yes, I understand the whole socioeconomic issue and that it is more difficult for familes with low income to buy and prepare healthy food, but the last time I checked the sidewalks and parks are free to run/jog/walk on. So if the only choice is eating unhealthy then people should get off their butts and do something. The cause of obesity is the personal lifestyle choice of people & a lack of discipline (mainly, there are some genetic issues). Well there's my vent on obesity…I'm going to work out!

Cody Dennis

I agree with cody that it is a lot of personal choices that cause obesity. If government controls what food that we eat then that takes away are freedom of choice, but this would help everyone to becoming more healthy and prevent some causes of death and lower heart related problems. This relates to the whole public health and private medicine, that if government controls it will look out for the best of the majority. But on the other hand private medicine prtivate medicine fits just one person and not others. Therefore, it may be good to have government control healthy food regulation to help lower obesity for the greater good, but then the people that are healthy to start with have little choice of what they want to eat.

Andrew Gross

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