November 18, 2009 notes

prf B (programmed ribosomal frameshift)—> Codes for release factor 2.

The ribosomes fall off at a specific stop codon (UGA, UAA): RF2 identifies these

PRFB gene codes for release factor 2 which's job is to recognize these two stop codons and detach the RNA from the mRNA

Genetic material of viruses:
- Can be DNA or RNA
- Variety of viral genome sizes:
- Smallpox: DNA genome ~ 300,000 pbs long
(300-1500 genes coding for different proteins)
- Polio: RNA genome ~ 3,00 bps long
(3-15 genes coding for different proteins)

generally: 1 gene ~ 1,000 bps long

Viroid: independently replicating circle of DNA

Protein coat= capsid
—> Made of capsomeres: small, repeating protein units that make up capsid
- genes for capsomeres in viral genomes

Enveloped Viruses:
- Many, though not all eukaryote-infecting viruses have a phospholipid bilayer membrane

- attach virus to host cell
- attach membrane to capsid in enveloped viruses

Kassie Hein

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