November 16th Notes

* Dry, too much O2 —>Sigma factor specific to genes needed for spore formation —>Transcription of spore genes —> translation of spore proteins.
* Spores: In moist, warm, low O2, —> vegetative sigma factors —>Transcription of growth - related genes (Incl. phosholipase) —>Translation of growth related proteins (incl. phospholipase)

2.) a.) Most viruses only have 1-2 host species but, some can infect lots of similar species.
*Potentially eradicable: - Pathogen must need host to survive
- That host has to be just humans
- & we have to have a good vaccine/other preventative thing to break chain of transmission.

Viral Shapes
*Helical: Tubular shape/string. (Capsid=Outer protein layer. Inside=Nucleic acid)
*Polyhedral: Shaped like a soccer ball.
—> Both helical and polyhedral shapes of viruses infect eukaryotic cells.
*complex: Polyhedral+Helical - ONLY in bacteriophages. (Polyhedral shape with helical attached.)

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