Notes from Friday (policy papers mainly)

Post to wiki by October 1st
Show to her by septmeber 23 (next Wednesday)
If author paper with another person. Have to be able to present together
Policys that would help reduce the risk of antibiotic resistance
MAnditory wipping of sink after use. (public place)
Mandate that no antibiotics are used to treat viruses
More narrow policies are the easier it is to wirte it
Scientific Journal articles:
• Primary kinds: original report of research
• Secondary kinds: Argumentative synthesis of other’s research
• Have in common are strongly data based and all articles before published are heavily peer reviewed.
• Peer Reviewed: other experts in the same field read over all the papers that show up in scientific journal articles find all the errors and then return to the author who has to address every last criticism.
• Only site scientific journals
• Site a total of 5 sources on policy paper and a minimum of 5 on lab reports
Where do you use your cited sources in your policy paper?
• Policy paper!
• Do research to start writing background section
1. Info that back up why your policy is needed
2. Probably will use most of you cited sources.
3. Lay out all observation of the data you found
• Policy section: (specifically spell out how policy will be implemented and enforced: how will you get people to obey? Funding: wheres does the money come from? How much will your policy cost?
1. Specifically spell out how your policy will be implemented and enforced.
2. Where is money going to come from
3. How much will it cost over month or year
4. How many go through
5. How it will be impleted
6. How will it be enforced
7. What will happen to the people who don’t follow your rules
8. Funding of program
• Lcoal State Government workings is important may need to look up
• Breif concluding statement
1. Make strongest case possible about why your policy is the best thing
2. Sell you policy
3. Come up with at least two arguments someone could make against your policy spell them out and address why they are wrong (spell out at least 2 strong arugments that someone else could make against your policy. Then explain why, even with these arguments against it, your policy should still be implemented
Has to be 2 pages total including refrences
Refrence format only has to be enough info that the reader can get where it came from:
Don’t copy and paste the link do the refrenece correctly Author, title, publisher published data, volume, pg numbers. Cant use sources more than 5 years old
Make sure data is current not 5 more than 5 years old
Make sure to cite in paper.
Epidemiology student who share wiki with you may help with policy papers.

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