Notes from 9 - 25 - 09

9 – 25 – 09
Why don’t bacteria have mitochondria?ATP production
Why do we have mitochondria? To make ATP efficiently
How do Mitochodria make ATP?
U sing electron passes down proteins embedded in membrane to pump protons across inner membrane, to space between inner and outer membranes. Then since the protons are positively charged, so they cant cross hydrophobic membranes just anywhere, so protons fall across “water wheel” – like gate, like proteins in inner mitochondrial membrane to equalize the H+ gradient, every time H+ falls across gate, “water wheel” spins, adding 1 phosphate to adenosine  falling protons = 3 phosphaqttes added = 1 ATP
v. Similarity to type three secretion systems
1. These secretion systems are used to pump proteins outside of bacterial cells .
Ex. Virulence factor: (proteins that contribute to symptoms of disease made by pathogenic(disease causing) bacteria) pumped directly into host cells thru type three secretion systems by some pathogenic bacteria
vi. Similarity to ATP synthase of eukaryotic mitochondria
1. A brief digression on mitochondria and what bacteria do not have them

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