Notes from 9

Archaea: Prokaryotes, thought to have not changed much for a billion years.
No nucleus, like bacteria, but have more in common with eukaryotes than to bacteria
EX: RNA polymerase (RNA being an enzyme that does transcription)
Transcription- DNA being copied into a RNA. This has to happen in order to make the proteins your cells are made out of.
Archael cell membrane chemistry like Eukaryotes.
Live in extreme conditions (very hot, salty, or dry like Geysers, ocean vents, other water with very high temps, Dead Sea, and many others)
It is probably safe to say that Archaea will not make us sick because they have the traits to live in extreme environments but not the traits to live in our warm moist bodies.

Distinct cell wall, cell membrane structure not found in Archaea or Eukaryotes.
Distinct RNA polymerase

Gram-Positive Bacteria-
Minority of bacteria on earth, but important clinically
Cell wall of bacteria is completely different then the cell wall of a plant. It is made out of more than 30 layers of peptidoglycan (carbohydrates and proteins) that are cross linked with lipoteichoic acid (LTA)

Gram-negative bacteria-
Plasma membrane
Cell wall, NO LTA, and only 5 layers of peptidoglycan in cell wall

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