Notes 9-30-09

Why don't bacteria have mitochondria?
because mitochondria have their own DNA and replicate on their own, using the same division steps as bacteria; they generate ATP like bacteria do, and can be killed by many antibiotics
biologists think mitochondria are descended from bacteria in a symbiotic relationship
type 3 secretion system:
similar bacterial flagellum, ATP synthase act like a needle to inject virulence factors into a host cell
undergraduate students are writing the EBF article
evolution vs. intelligent design
e-organisms developed from other organisms
e-they would be similar but wouldnt be the same
i-flagella was just always there, you cant take something out of the virus and expect it to live
flagellum is similar to that of other organelles in the cell
II)A) replicate its dna (singular circular chromosome)
dna polymerase copies needs two copies of chromososmes
B) elongation of cell
C) Fts2 pinches in middle of the cell; chromosomes separate to either side off the cell

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