Notes 9/25

Microbiology Notes from class today!!

September 25, 2009

Review of Wong Article: What is evolution? What is intelligent design? What predictions does evolution make about the origins of any complicated structure? How are these different from the predictions of intelligent design? What evidence do the authors of this article use to support their contention that the bacterial flagellum is the product of evolution rather than design?

I. Exponential growth vs. logarithmic growth
a. Exponential growth
i. Equation: # bacteria at a given time = 2^x, where x = # of generations since originally had 1 bacterium
ii. Picture on hand out
II. How an individual bacterium divides
a. Replication of chromosome
b. Elongation of cell
c. Formation of FtsZ ring at septum
d. Building of new cell envelope components at septum
III. Phases of bacterial growth curve (in culture … not in nature)
a. Lag phase
b. Exponential phase
c. Stationary phase
d. Death phase
IV. Generation time = 0.301(t-t0)/(log10N-log10N0)

What are the implications of bacterial generation times on diagnosis and treatment of disease? Can humans adapt as quickly as bacteria can evolve?

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