Notes 9-23-09

VI) Motility: flagella & pili
a) twitching motility: jerky motion of bacteria with pili along surface; pili attach to surface & rapidly retract
b) Flagellar Motility: swimming smoothly through liquid; flagella analogous to motor on submarine
i) flagellar arrangements
1) Polar: flagellum at one (or both) ends of bacterium not all over
2) Peritrichous: flagella all over
-Bacterial flagella are not the same as eukaryotic flagella, which are usually just elongated cilia
Bacterial flagella are:
-rigid: act like propellars with motors to move bacterial cells
Eukaryotic flagella/cilia:
-Flexible: moves like snakes
-made of tubulin & dynein: interactions between these two proteins—> snake like motion of eukaryotic flagella

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