Notes 9-21-09

E.Coli bacteria are killed by viruses
Virus- T4 bacteriophage
Infection of Ecoli with T4 bacteriophage:
T4 bacteriophage sticking to protein in outer membrane of ecoli
-Virus cannot kill bacteria right away because then it can't replicate itself
-Virus taking control of ribosomes, DNA polymerase, RNA polymerase, (needed for DNA replication)
-Virus pokes a hole into outer membrane & injects its DNA into the bacteria
-Virus is copied by the bacterial enzymes and translated by bacterial ribosomes
-Ridiculous amounts of bacteriophage copies inside of the bacteria

Lab Question:
Can Ecoli become resistant to T4?
If they do become resistant then why is it that they can?
Are they "immune" after virus attack and are they able to pass that aquired immunity onto offspring?
Is it just that some Ecoli are randomly "born" resistant to T4?
3 possibilities:
Aquired immunity
Bacterial communication/gene sharing
All just random who dies and lives
V. Bacterial adhesion to surfaces
a) Adhesins: Membrane/cell wall proteins used to stick to surfaces: typically peripheral membrane proteins:
b) Pili: Retractable extentions to each other and share copied plasmids

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