MRSA article

I thought the eradication process in this article was a little extreme. Although all of the patients who participated in the eradication process came out MRSA free, many other good microbes may have been eliminated as well. Also, it was quite interesting how they reported at the end of their 5 year study that there were cases of mupriocin resistent MRSA. It seems as though the most popular way of eliminating MRSA in the nostrils is to apply mupriocin. As well, a lot of MRSA carriage is assymptomatic. I think mupriocin should not be used unless it was the only option (as with other antibiotics especially those like vancomyecin). One thing I did like about this article was that if there is an emergence of virulent MRSA cases that are spreading throughout a hospital, the procedures taken in this article have shown to reduce nosocomial spread significantly.

I love your concern over good bacteria killa but I must say if the MRSA was causing a problem to the patient then the process taken to eradicate the MRSA is a good idea…

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