MRSA and Phage Therapy

Strains of MRSA
Phages that infect MRSA
- MSa

Possibly compare mutation rates of the phage resistance to antibiotic resistance and compare to mutation rate of T4 resistance in E. coli

General idea of methods:

  • find out what strains of MRSA we have
  • grow samples of phages
  • run phage resistance tests on samples multiple times
  • run antibiotic resistance tests on samples multiple times
  • calculate mutation rates
  • compare mutation rates of MRSA to other phage resistances (like E. coli and T4)


Beta-lactams like ampicillin


Potential of the Polyvalent Anti-Staphylococcus Bacteriophage K for Control of Antibiotic-Resistant Staphylococci from Hospitals
List of sequenced bacterial genomes
[ Phage Therapy May Control Staph Infections In Humans
Including MRSA] MSa phage research on mice with S. aureus


Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) Detection MRSA RESEARCH

Plaque assay

Plaque assay for pneumonia virus
plaque assay procedure...
the plaque assay not a reference for paper, but a good general overlook of this procedure

Possible Outline for Research Paper Background:
1st paragraph – Information on what MRSA is
Possible resources to use for what MRSA is and what happens to those with MRSA.
2nd paragraph – Information on what the MSa phage is and where its coming from
This research will depend on which strain of MSa we get I think.
3rd Paragraph – Past research on the MSa phage and its interaction with MRSA (Phage Therapy)
4th Paragraph – Explain other experiments if any done like this
See above sources
5th Paragraph – Our hypothesis and Thesis statement
Null: MRSA will be resistant to MSa
If null true then:
Null: and Alternative same as E. Coli Experiment
Alternative: MRSA will not be Resistant to MSa

She said when using source watch for the fact that it’s the phage MSa and not the MSA agar. Hope this helps. These are my thoughts I think these all deal with the phage but checking is always good.
Let me know what to do next maybe we can meet and write the background and protocol while we wait for the phages let me know thanks hope this helps.

Tentative Lab Schedule (subject to change)*

Thursday, Novemeber 12th
*plate 0.2 mL of the home grown T4 bactiophage,
*hockey stick colony of E. Coli chosen and inoculated into 100 mL of sterile broth same colony streaked on plate w/ t4 w/o reflaming loop because not streaking for isolated colonies

Tuesday, November 17th
*dilute e coli sample

Thursday, November 19th
*take 10 plates with .1 mL of T4 phages, and 0.1mL of E. coli
*10 plates w/ .2 mL of T4 , 0.1mL of E.coli (variations up to ?)
* set up serial of dillution out to 10^-8 of just E. coli sample

Tuesday, November 24th
*count number of live bacteria infected w/ T4
*interpret serial dilution
*calculate mutation rates

Thursday, December 3rd
TBA/ work on paper

Tuesday, December 8th
finish up paper
WE HAVE MSa BACTERIOPHAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone,
here is the email from Dr.Iannelli Domenico,
Dear Doctor Kuhr,
Thank you for your inquiry. I have sent already the phage MSa to several
laboratories and I have no difficulty to sent it to you. Given the concern
about bioterrorism, I need copy of your licence to import the phage or a
disclaiming letter. You might like to read the attached article, which will
appear in the 15 Dec issue of JID. Sincerely, Iannelli Domenico
Pretty cool huh?

Freaking awesome!!!! first, JK maybe you should consider changing you major to a doctor..since he is already refering you as one. :) but most important that is awesome!!!! So does that mean that Dr. Robson is sending a copy of the license? Have you told her?
(this is ana btw)

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