Mircobiology Notes from Friday the 13th

1. Complementary interactions between Shine-DAlgarno sequence and rRNA  ribsome binding to mRNA
2. Ribosome moves down mRNA until reaches AUG, the brings in first tRNA (attached to methionine)
3. Ribosome keeps moving down mRNA, bringing in tRNA whose anticodons match mRNA codons, tRNA have amino acids attached
4. At stop codon, release factors bind with ribosome, mRNA stop codon, RF’s detach ribosome from mRNA amino acid chain from ribosome
h) Polyribosomes – can have single mRNA with many ribosomes attached to it, in different stages of translating mRNA.
IV. Kind of Mutations
a) Point mutations (change in DNA sequence that just changes 1 base)
any change in the DNA sequence of and organism – Mutation
1. Missense – mutation that changes the sequence of the DNA and only changes one base in the DNA but changes enough that the amino acid sequence of protein is changed
2. Nonsense – mutation to DNA of an organism such that the earlyier mRNA has an early stop codon so the resulting protein is smaller than the original protein.
3. Silent – change in DAN sequence, but no change to amino acid sequence
b) Frameshift Mutations – Where we add or delete one or two bases from our DNA
Just deletes 1 base pair and therefore doesn’t result in same amino acid sequence

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