Microbiology Lab Notes 9/1/09

Here are my notes on Aseptic Technique from Microbiology Lab 9/1/09

Aseptic Technique:
Object is to put 2 mL of sterile broth into 5 test tubes with out contaminating anything. You may use 4 or less pipets if using the 1 mL ones and 2 or less pipets tubes if using the 5 mL pipets.

Another person may help in opening the lids on the test tube while conducting the Aseptic Technique exercise

1. Acquire 5 sterile test tubes and put your name and the day's date on them as well as get a rack to put them on.
2. I used the 5 mL pipette so I obtained 2 pipet tubes
3. Shake the pipette so that the cotton end is touching the plastic and rip open that end only
4. Attach the 5 mL pipette (green) to the tube
5. At this piont work closely to the flame in order to help aid in non-contamination
6. Take the pipette tube out of its wrapper
7. Open the bottle of sterile broth and run its top through the flame to further aid in sterilization
8. Put the pipette tube into the sterile broth container making sure to only touch the pipet tube to the inside of the broth's container
9. Roll the pipette dial down until the broth has been sucked up to the 4 mL mark and put the lid back on the broth
10. Have your partner open the first test tube and push the top of the pipet down until it is at the 2 mL mark.
11. Obtain another test tube and have your partner open it and put the last 2 mL into it.
12. Continue steps 7-11 if using the same pipet tube and steps 3-11 if using a new pipet tube
13. Repeat steps until all of your 5 test tubes have broth in them

Hope that helped someone!
Amy Blass

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