Microbiology Guest Speaker

I found the guest speaker today very interesting. A lot of the content I did not understand, however, I did understand the concept that bacteria are deveoping multidrug resistances. I found it interesting the different ways of which bacteria can be tested to try to develop a new antibiotic. After listening to the speaker and learning what I have learned in class I will be much less likely to use antibiotics like I used to. I will be able to reflect more on the speaker when I get my notes from class back.

Amy Blass

I thought the guest speaker was pretty interesting, however, I thought that some of the things she was talking about was over my head, makin me feel somewhat confused.
Trama Giermann

I agree with Trama. The guest speaker seemed to know so much information and she understood what she was saying but I was like whaaaat? It was really neat to see her passion for science and research though. If I have that much passion in whatever I end up doing with my life, I will be happy.
Kassie Hein

Agree, with everyone. Very interesting stuff. I think the speaker did a good job. I didn't realize how much work went into developing new antibiotics.

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