Dr. Robson,

Excellent meal tonight!!! I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone while eating, but it was awesome!!! The apple pie, was by far the best I have ever had…must have been the rum, but I enjoyed coming over to your place for supper and hopefully I can come join you and Mark at your house after I graduate ;)!!!


I agree with Alex! The meal was amazing. It was fun to try different types of food like indian. Also, it was fun to just get away from the college atmosphere and have a nice "family" dinner with Robson and other students. It lets you get to know people on a different level. Thanks for having us over!!

Kassie Hein

I just wanted to add to this…I think that we should have another meal, or are we going to make this meal this summer after I graduate, since…I will have graduated and since…well, I would just like another meal.

I agree with Kassie and Alex, even though it was quite awhile ago it was a very good meal! Although I will not be graduating this year like Alex I would say another one would be a great idea! :)

Alex you always have such good ideas. I think getting more than one meal like this a year would spoil us though. i wish my mom cooked more interesting foods.

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