Lab Notes 9/3/09

In lab today, Sept. 3, we basically just reviewed the things we did on Tuesday: gram-staining, plate streaking, and asepsis technique; to begin getting ready for our test out in a week or two.

After we finished our gram-stains today, we used microscopes to look at our bacteria.
If you weren't sure how to use a microscope don't feel bad because a lot of us, including me :) , had to have a lot of help with that today. Once we found our bacteria under the microscope we had a few questions to anser.

First of all was the bacteria:

Gram-Positive? (purple) OR Gram-Negative? (pinkish-red)

After we determined that we looked for the shape of our bacteria.
Some bacteria are more round like ball-shaped, while others are more tube-like, or cylindrical shaped.
If the bacteria was round you then determine if the bacteria are in clumps, such as grapes, or in strings like a necklace.

All of the answers to these questions help determine which type of bacteria it is.

I did M. Liteus:

My sample proved to be gram-positive (purple)
Round - and clumped together such as grapes.

Have fun in lab! :)
Wendy Hofmeyer

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