lab Experiment For this week


- Make a plate of agar containing T4 bacteriophages
- Pipet 0.2 mL of phage suspension on agar
- Hockey stick to spread around
- Pick E. Coli colony
- inoculate 100 mL nutrient broth then,
- Streak same colony on plate w/ T4 phages

Day 2:

- There will be bacteria in the broth because we put it there
- Take broth from day 1 and dilute it 1:10^5
- Use diluted broth to inoculate a whole bunch of test tubes
- each test tube has 5 mL of sterile broth
- and 0.1 mL of diluted broth
- Use same diluted broth to inoculate a flask
- flask should have 500 mL of sterile broth
- and 10 mL of diluted broth

Day 3:

- Plate (hockey stick) 0.1 mL samples out of each test tube onto plates w/ T4 phages
- *AND* plate same # of 0.1 mL samples from flask onto plates w/ T4 phages

- We will look at them again in one week!

Hope you have fun :)

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