Lab 9-24

Today in lab we:

- made 20 T4 bacteriophage streak plates by:
- pipetting 0.2 mL of T4 broth onto the plate
- then, using the hockey stick (cleaned with alcohol and fire) and made sure that everything was spread evenly across the surface of the plate

-Next we plated 0.1 mL of T4 broth culture out of each of 10 separate test tubes and onto their own T4 plates and labeled them according to the test tube they came from. (i.e. tube 1, tube 2, etc)

- Then we plated 10 samples of 0.1 mL of T4 broth out of the flask onto the remaining T4 phage plates and labeled all ten of those 'flask'

- Finally we made a 10^6 serial dilution of both the flask and one of the test tubes by using 0.9 mL of sterile broth and 0.1 mL of broth from the tube or flask, when we were finished we plated the 1:1, 1:10^3, 1:10^4, 1:10^5, & 1:10^6 and labeled then accordingly

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