Koch's Postulates Aug 31

Koch’s Postulates: (Show the length between a specific agent and another disease; wants to know the cause of the diease.)
A way to show that specific microbes have specific systems
1) Microbe must be found in all hosts with set of symptoms: (and not be found in everyone else)Added later
2) Microbe must be gathered from sick host and grown in a pure culture
3) Get pure culture of microbe from (2), put in new, healthy host, to get same symptoms.
4) Gather microbe from newly sick host, confirm its same as in step one.
1) Any microbe that causes different effects in different hosts
2) Any microbe that can’t bbe grown in pure culture (viruses)
3) Any microbe that only causes symptoms in humans
Alexander Flemming
1) Found penicillium mold that killed bacteria
- Antiseptic- kill cells generally; not just bacteria but you too; safe for outside of body
- Disinfectant- kills cells generally; not safe for body because of concentration of toxic ingredients too high
- Antibiotic- Attacks structures present in bacteria absent in us (so we aren’t harmed at all, but bacteria are killed)

I. Microbes: Any organism so small it can’t be seen without a microscope
II. Eukaryotes: Cells that have a nuclei
a. Nucleus: membrane that surrounds DNA
b. Majority are microbes and single-celled
c. All eukaryotes are very genetically similar to each other

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