Killing those Mice (rough and glossy bacteria)

October 16, 2009
Obs: S pnemoniae bacteria can cause pneumonia, blood infections in ppl and mice
Some S. pneumonia have capsule, some don’t

S. pneumonia w/ capsule look shiny/ glossy = kills mice
S. pneomoniae w/o capsule look rough/ matte on agar = doesn’t kill mice
S. pneumonia w/ capsule and injected with boiled bacteria will not die because the boiling denatures the proteins
- mouse injected with live rough bacteria and also with the boiled glossy bacteria

Hyp: Molecule of Inheritance is protein.
Results in support of:
Results against: if the mouse dies
Hyp: Molecule of Inheritance is DNA.
• If mouse lives, could still be protein
Mouse dies when injected with rough bacteria and the shiny glossy bacteria because the molecule of inheritance is in fact DNA.
If autopsy done of the mouse the blood would reveal that there is still lots of glossy colonies; the DNA from the rough bacteria was able to take DNA from the glossy bacteria in how to make a capsule and therefore kills the mouse once is was able to make a capsule.

II. Properties of DNA.
- DNA has antiparrallel strands that make up the sugar phosphates that make up DNA
- Has the bases of DNA made up of complimentary base pairs of A,T, C, G, U
- Bases are hooked together with a sugar phosphate backbone (deoxy= sugar)

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