Killing kittens?!?

So fantastic story…

My dad and I were discussing what I am learning in microbiology class. I told him we were beginning to discuss viruses. He was interested, especially with all of the hula-boolu going on about H1N1. We starting talking about viruses and whatnaut. When he asked the horrible question - "I thought you already talked about viruses. Aren't bacteria and viruses the same thing?"

I was horrified and said, "Wow dad you just killed a kitten. God smites you for that mistake." And I had to explain myself and everything we've learned thus far in class.

Anyways - I was getting ready to go out and feed our amazing number of cats and dogs. I opened up the shed and there it was… A DEAD KITTEN! Maybe God really does smite us with such things as dead kittens, when we confuse bacteria and viruses.

So those of you beware - Don't kill your cats! Nobody wants that.

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