"Hook-up Culture"

During last week's article dealing with sexual education, we debated about whether or not the acceptance of college scene's "hook-up culture" may be partly to blame for inadequate sex ed & college students having unsafe sex. This article tends to say that ineffective education dealing with the problem could be to blame, and also gives some suggestions for improvement. Really good article..


This article was very interesting. Makes me want to read that book too that is described in the intro. As for my opinion on the subject I immediatly think of the SEX 101 lecture that we have every year on Morningside Campus. This event is always the biggest ACAS (when that was implemented) of the year. Sex is talked about openly in these discussions which is totally fine but there needs to be discussion about other views on sex and when it is the right time. It is interesting to see just on Morningside Campus (a Methodist affiliated college) the different groups such as GSA, etc..These programs are great and I believe necessary for college students at a time in their life when they are struggling to find their identity but programs that discuss the moral aspects of sex and relationships should also be on campus. Another aspect of why programs that discuss morals and sexual relationships are beneficial is that students who did not have a strong moral based upbringing (not saying that you have to have this upbringing to be a good person) would find some guidance in talking with their peers about values and sexuality.

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