Gram Stain Mistake

This is the mistake I made on my gram stain:
On the first gram stain I did on M. Luteus. This is supposed to be a gram-positive bacteria. After looking under the microscope, my gram stain appeared to be more of a pink color than purple, a.k.a. gram-negative. I figured out the mistake I made. I wasn't careful enough when putting the alcohol on the slide. You could say I "over-bleached" my bacteria. I went back to the lab later on that afternoon and did the experiment two more times using M. Luteus bacteria. I was very careful when putting the alcohol on my slide and my results were my slide showing up under the microscope as Gram-Positive both times. Hopefully after reading this no one makes the mistake I did even though most of the labs for this week have already taken place. Also any input would be greatly appreciated!
Amy Blass

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