gel and handwashing Aug. 27 Lab

So as some of you know in lab we compared our bacteria dishes. To me it looked as though there where way more bacteria growing on the gel post dishes compared to the pre dishes then when students used the gel and hand washing. Therefore, based on our classes dishes i would say that our alternative hypothesis of gel < gel and hand washing is the better choice. Unfortunately, the evidence from our one class is not substantial enough to confirm with 100% certainty that it is in fact the case that gel and hand washing is a more effective way to clean our hands. There are also other variables that need to be taken into consideration regarding the bacteria growth we did see. When making the dishes there are many steps in which contamination could have occurred and we need to keep that in mind when analyzing our evidence. I cannot back up my choice of gel < gel and hand washing with a lot of confidence because of the variables and the small number of dishes that where tested.
~Brittany Frisch~

I have a lot of the same ideas as Brittany on this. I would like to add, that in order to come to any conclusions we need more data. I would like to hear interpretations of the data from the Thursday Micro Lab Section as well. Then we can make some comparisons and contrasts between what we saw. The more data the better.
-Jessica Boschen

I work in a grocery store..and with the allergy/flu/cold sesson going around we have started a new thing of having hand sanitizer by our checkstands. I think this is awesome because we are going to try and stop the spread of many viruses out there by having the handsanitizer by our stands. If the customer sees the bottle they simple thing that it is a good idea, and if I notice the customor looking at the bottle I explain the proceder/ study we have done in Microbiology lab of Handwashing vs. the gel.
~~Amanda Bryan

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