E. coli and T4

Day 1
1.) Make plate w/ T4 phages
a. Pipet 0.2 mL phage suspension on agar and hockey stick
2.) Pick E. coli colony
a. Inoculate 100mL nutrient broth
b. Streak same colony on plate with phages
Day 2
1.) Dilute bacterial broth 1:10 5
2.) Use diluted broth to inoculate 100 test tubes
3.) 0.1mL diluted broth(with E. coli) and 5mL sterile broth
4.) 1 flask of broth:
10mL of diluted broth w/E. coli
500mL sterile broth
Day 3
1.) Plate (hockey stick) 0.1mL samples out of each test tube onto plates w/ T4 phages
2.) Plate same # of 0.1mL samples from flask onto plates w/ T4 phages

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