DNA Replication Steps

III. Steps of DNA Replication:

  • Bacterial circular chromosome is supercoiled

1.) OriC: where teh DNA Replication begins on the Bacterial Chromosome

  • Some where it must be unwound and unzipped
  • OriC has LOTS of A and T
  • Enzymes bind to site

2.) Helicase uncoils supercoils around OriC, unzips DNA double strands; primase is the enzyme that synthesizes small swatch of RNA complementary to part of OriC sequence
3.) DNA Plymerase attaches to RNA primer and synthesizes DNA (can only move from 5' to 3' direction)
4.) One strand synthesized continuously, but opposite strand is not. the opposite strand has Okazaki fragments which patch together fragments with ligase
5.) DNA Replication enzymes move in oposite directions around circular chromosome
6.) Interlocked complete circles are detached by DNA gyrase and topoisomerase IV

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