Cows eating Cows!

So i had no idea that we actually fed cows dead cows! why was i not aware of this….seriously, when that was mentioned in class i thought she was joking. The things you learn….
~brittany frisch~

*So I'm not editing this page - but I was not aware of this either. It's quite disgusting to think about - but whatever works. -Samantha Fritsch-

I never really thought about how mad cow disease came about, but I never would have guessed in a million years that it was caused by cows eating cows. disgusting!
Kassie Hein

pretty sure, this concept of cow eating dead cows is pretty gross..!!
Trama Giermann

Only the stupid farmers have ever done this…for the most part this doesn't happen, but it used to happen a lot more, but since the onset of mad cow disease, and how it was such a big deal…ppl started to be more careful

Yeah you tell em alex…..get some pender ffa

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