I thought that there were some neat costumes today that people spent a minute or two to come up with. And then there was Dr. Robson's make-up that must have taken more time to do than what I spend most mornings getting ready for the day. I was kinda saddened that more people didn't dress up however. I mean even Ryan threw on a witch's hat and brought some plastic axe. One thing I would like to point out though is statistically speaking, there was a greater percentage of guys who dressed up compared to girls who dressed up. Just saying! :)

I agree! I thought everyone who dressed up did a great job. I also loved Dr. Robson's costume. The blood made her costume even more intense!

I was pretty shocked by Jackson's costume, he must of really thought that idea through to come up with that! Robson's costume was pretty sweet and I'd have to agree with Kat about the blood, wonder what crazy idea she will come up with for next year.

I don't know, I thought Mat Trisler's outfit was good too. -Kat

I think it was the whole entrance and cookie thing that made it funny, idk. -Haley

Life would be so much more entertaining if people dressed up every day. haha. - Kassie

Especially when there were the arrows being shot at the screen. Robson continued without even flinching, when the rest of the of us were laughing. Love it. haha—Kaci

—ha that class was interesting when he was shooting arrows at the screen. I thought on of them was going to hit Robson…I don't think she would have been too happy!

-contemplated on whether or not to put on a scream mask too….but I probably would've confused some people, mainly twiz -ryan

I dont see why i wasnt mentioned in this i was all decked out with a mask and everything. I mean who doesnt like a ninja turtle!

Lol o wow ryan, ur cool

awwwwwwwww thanks for the compliment twiz :)

Anytime buddy!

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