Vibrio cholerae-gm(-) bacillus
Can live in salt -or- fresh water
Sensitive to acids
Humans need to ingest >10^9 bacteria at one time to get sick (drinking bad water)

Symptoms include: lots (> 2 gallons/day) watery diarrhea

V. Cholerae bacteria produce an exotoxin called "cholera toxin",
"Cholera toxin" makes epithelial cells pump NaCl, and b/c of osmosis, water follows

Cystic Fibrosis: super-sticky mucous in lungs b/c epithelial cells can't ship NaCl out, so water can't follow
-Heterozygote advantage: if you have 1 CF allele and 1 normal allele,
you are protected from Cholera, but dont have CF

Copepods are arthropods that travel from saltwater to freshwater-gut is a reservoir for V. cholerae
-V. cholerae are normal flora for the copepod. Without the "cholera toxin" to pump out NaCl
from epithelial cells, the copepod would die

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