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Change of direction: Education

Linksover coming Antimicrobial resistance

Rough layout on where we're going with this:

  • consequences of antibiotic resistance
  • human behavioral causes, such as not finishing prescriptions
  • any studies on public awareness

As state officials require antibiotic resistance education in the curriculum of middle school health classes. To monitor/ make sure it is being done implement a standardized test that incorporates this information, such as leading causes of resistance and how antibiotics work.
This policy calls for antibiotic resistance teaching in the public education system at the middle school level. Educating people on the consequences of antibiotic resistance and how antibiotics actually work will help lower resistance rates in the U.S.

web site with several links

Evolution of Antibiotic Resistance research

Studies of Antibiotic Resistance

Genetic Trends

Southeast Asia

Consequences of Inaction

[ ] Management of Multidrug-Resistant organisms In health care settingsCombating Antibiotic Resistance
The Path of Least Resistance

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