Bacterial joke

Once microbes decided to have a contest
To decide who amongst them was the best
They assembled together into a team
Staphylococcus aureus leading the way for the Gram positive
Escherichia coli doing the honors for the Gram negative

Entamoeba was the choreographer, Penicillin the chief guest
Judges included Fungi, Cyanobacteria and rest
Sponsored by Bacteriophage wishing them all the very best
Nutrient agar the official media of the test

Came in E. coli on Mac conkey agar with enumerable flagella
S. aureus could do nothing so came alongwith Nocardia

Then entered Bacillus thermophilus,the temperature soared
Enterobacter felt uneasy, the audience roared
Negative team was angry so sent Vibrio psychroerythrus
Penicillin stood up and said it’s enough.

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