August 27 Micro Lab Results

In the lab yesterday in Microbiology I had an out of the ordinary finding. My first plate, my pre-plate, that I placed my hand on in the "Antibacterial Gel + Handwashing vs. Antibacterial Gel Alone" experiment had colonies of bacteria on it. Unlike other people's my post-plate had virtually no visible bacteria on it. Almost all the other plates in the class had bacteria on their post-plate. I was in the group that washed their hands and used the antibacterial gel. Even though my post-plate had virtually no bacteria on it our class ruled that Antibacterial Gel Alone was more sanitary. This somewhat surprised me because my post-plate was the cleanest one in the class. I'm not disagreeing with the class but I see my plate as a challenge to the overall opinion. I'm agreeing with the class but I was just curious as to what others though of my findings in the lab.
Amy Blass

Well, our section found a consensus of the just gel not working as well as gel + handwashing. The just gel hardly had any difference between the before and after. The gel + handwashing still had bacteria, but the numbers were reduced. Wow! You must have washed your hands real thoroughly. Hardly any visible, that's interesting. Now, I have no idea what to think, since your class data disagrees with ours. Looks like we all need to rethink and re-evaluate.
-Jessica Boschen

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