Aug 27 Our Project Idea

I was really interested in doing the childhood obesity project that Kevin had suggested, but since I am also in Microbiology I wanted something that would fit in with both of these classes. I was appreciative that he tried to come up with some ideas other than the obesity, but for the most part any ideas that could be used for micro as well was limited. Thankfully me and my group members came up with an idea that I hope no one else has. We have decided to do our project on hygiene in schools. We are thinking about doing our project on educating students about hygiene practices in school, doing bacterial tests on different surfaces and objects in the school, as well as surveying students/faculty/janitorial staff about what they know about hygiene practices and what they do to implement those hygienic practices at school. Now these are not for sure all the things that we will be evaluating and studying for this project but it is some ideas. If any of you have any ideas, opinions, or suggestions on/for our topic please let me know!!
~Brittany Frisch~

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