Antibiotic Resistance

Policy Idea: Funding a hospital or research center that can develop a way for antibiotics to change urine purple. By changing the color of someone’s urine, patients can then be better informed if the antibiotic is working, as well as a reminder to take their antibiotics. Once this policy is implemented doctors are to tell their patients that they need to keep taking their antibiotics until their urine returns to its normal color. By doing this patients will be more inclined to take the proper amount of their antibiotic that will remove all the bacteria that is to be effected by the antibiotic and reduce the amount of bacteria that will have a chance to become resistant.
1) Finding a hospital or research center (that our chemical company can fund) that has a division that is focused on antibiotic studies to implement bacterial resistance. During this process we will interview specifically for hospitals and research centers that meet our standards. Our standards consist of:
a. Division must have prior experience with bacterial resistance
b. Proper work place for this program
c. Highly qualified staff (Doctoral people, PhD. researchers, and statisticians on staff)
d. Proper understanding of the program our chemical company wants to accomplish
2) In order to fund this research, our chemical company will be willing to set aside a certain percentage for this program, as well as providing chemicals needed to create the color change within the antibiotic.
3) Providing resources for the program such as: chemicals, tools, and any other necessary resources in order to have the most effective product.

Amanda Forgey and Kathryn Sorenson

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